Welcome and Thank You for Your Interest

Hi, I'm Tawnya from Minnesota, USA. I like to draw and paint.

My first media was Crayola crayon!

My first drawing book was “How to Draw Fun Animals”, at age eight. I was gifted a set of 72 Prismacolor colored pencils in a beautiful case when I was an adolescent. I still use it today.

Before the invention of the internet, I read books to discover art techniques and supplies. While earning a bachelors degree in counseling psychology, I took a drawing class and an oil painting class. Later, I learned how to use open source graphic editing software, which enhances my traditional artwork.

Today, I enjoy drawing bunnies, horns, creatures with wings and magical things. I ❤ silliness! I like to use watercolor in my drawings, then employ ink, gouache, colored pencils, alcohol markers, and digital tweaks for finishing touches.

I'm inspired by nature, cinema, legends and history. Working with children has had an influence on my whimsical and happy art. I take a lot of design inspiration from Muriel Fahrion and Charles Schulz.

Sometimes I create on a whim. I have learned that these creations bring joy to others as well, which has resulted in a few local, private collections.

I'm currently illustrating a book I've written.

Crookspress invited me to publish three of my pieces in Drawn: Leaders in Contemporary Illustration Volume 2, which was released May 2018.

In 2017, my piece The Giant's Candy Maker was one of two winners chosen for a bonus challenge in the 52-Week Illustration Challenge.

I hope to continue to bring moments of happiness to others with my art.

Thank you for your interest in my creations. I sprinkle recent artworks throughout the web, and I invite you to visit my social media links.

Black And White Photo of Work Space By Tawnya Boe Art
Work Center