Welcome and Thank You for Your Interest

Hi, I'm Tawnya from Minnesota, USA. I like to draw and paint. I have since I was skilled enough to hold a Crayola crayon.

My first drawing book was “How to Draw Fun Animals”, at age eight. My love for colored pencil was born during adolescence after I was gifted a set of 72 Prismacolor colored pencils in a beautiful case that I still use today.

Before the invention of the internet, I read books to discover art techniques and supplies. In college, I took a drawing class and an oil painting class. Later, I studied web-design. I learned how to use open source photo editing software, which enhances my traditional artwork.

Today, I enjoy drawing whimsical bunnies, horns, creatures with wings and magical things. What inspires me? Many things - nature, cinema, legends, history and esoteric topics. I appreciate Victorian and tribal attire and anything steam-punk! I find not only somber topics inspire works of art but also love - love for life, friendship, self-discovery, God and the unknown.

Working with children has had a large influence on my whimsical and happy designs. As an employee in the local school district, I taught rotational sessions for children. Art was my favorite class to lead, of course.

I like to use watercolor in my drawings, then employ ink, gouache, colored pencils, alcohol markers, and digital tweaks for finishing touches. I continue to explore with all art materials possible and revisit techniques that I have tried in the past, if I feel inclined.

As an artist, I am always learning, whether it be in the area of technique, inspiration, emotion or spirituality. I like to create in the moment, whatever feels best. I have learned that these creations bring joy to others as well, which has resulted in a few local, private collections. I hope to continue to bring moments of happiness to others with my art.

Thank you for letting me share with you a little of who I am and my passion for creating.

Black And White Photo of Work Space By Tawnya Boe Art
Work Center

Saint Paul, MN 55126

2017 "The Giant's Candy Maker", 52-Week Illustration Challenge,

2009-2015, Sessional Instructor, Anoka Hennepin School District

Private Collection, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
Private Collection, Jackson, Wisconsin USA