My 52-Week Illustration Challenge

Quick Update
Project "art-journal" has come along perfectly. Easy-peasy. Creating this journal was to help organize my art goals, and bits of arty-information etc. Well, just as I finished it, a new goal beautifully floated into my life and settled on my heart. (Yes, I really said that!)

One of my goals was to purchase a printer to make prints and greeting cards of my artwork; you can see a few results here. (Friends and family are my #1 supporters! [Thank you everyone]) My new goal - art challenge - will pair up with my printing goals perfectly. It will give my art-supporters fresh creative images on cards and prints. So, without further ado, here are the details of this challenge.

52-Week Illustration Challenge, a.k.a #illo52weeks
A group of over 5,500+ illustrators (hobbyists & novice thru expert) have come together on Facebook via Australian author/illustrator Tania McCartney, the founder of the group challenge. I initially heard of the challenge through an interesting artist, Anita GadziƄska, located in the Netherlands, who makes whimsical arts for children's books and shares her process on YouTube . I ran a Google search on this phrase "illustration 52-weeks" and this was the winner.

How It Works
Basically, a person has one week to complete a themed piece of art and then share the work in a post on the group page. You can learn more about this challenge here. Before I knew it, I'd requested to join the official group. (At this point, a person needs to click "join" to be permitted and await approval - not sure how Nicky/Tania/Team decides, really. But it's growing and that's fantastic! There are tons of beautiful works of art and it's so neat to meet other art makers!)

Goal: Reflection 52
I've hemmed and hawed over the goal for my blog since I started my website. Since I have joined #illo52weeks, the goal is quite clear - a blog project. Each month I will post the artworks I've made, which will be between 4 and 5 or so pieces - a total of 12 articles. In addition to posting them, I plan to mention something I learned, whether about myself or the art (or even supplies!). I will also disclose new things I try and go from there. I'll keep it short, sweet and allow for comments or questions. I call this art blog project Reflection 52.  I've made a serious commitment to "illo52weeks".  I'm treating it like a job and I'm so excited about it. I don't think I'll ever stop learning and trying new things having to do with art, but this challenge will train my brain for a life as an illustrator. My Dream. My Goal. My Happiness.

Absolem's Alice
"Absolem's Alice" to the left is a sneak peak of my first Reflection 52 article.

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Click here to view my pre-illo52week illustrations.

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