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Cool Stuff About Copic Multiliners SP for "Reflection 52" - February

I want to jump right in and tell you that I completely forgot that I owned, not one, but several Copic Multiliner Pens!
These pens are amazing to say the least. They are completely waterproof, which is perfect because there are times that I like to ink my lines before I paint the illustration (and if you're the same, TRY THEM if you haven't!) You can replace the nibs when they get old, and you can get refill pigment ink, to avoid buying new pens when they run out. This is the ink you see in my February illustrations.

8 Illustrations Painted in February
King Henry VIII & His Peacock, Whimsical Fairy and Cat Watercolor Painting Illustration Bunny Whimsical Mouse Butterfly Ladybug in Garden Watercolor Illustration Badger Eagle Talons Whimsical Rabbit Mushroom Garden Watercolor Illustration Whimsical Rabbit in Mushroom Garden Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical Cat and Alchemist Alembic Science Lab Supplies Castle Tower Watercolor Illustration

Whimsical  Rose Mouse Teacup Watercolor Painting Illustration
Whimsical Birds in Love Birch Tree Watercolor Painting Illustration
Whimsical Fairy Elf in Woods Forest Cat Acrylic Painting Illustration
During the month of February, I made 8 pieces. This doesn't include a ton of sketches and drawings in my sketchbook. I worked quite hard this past month, putting in long hours (and drinking tons of water to keep my brain crystal clear). This was my BLISS! There is nothing like the feeling of laying down pigment or drawing lines and letting go to live in the world you are creating. I enjoyed creating each of the illustrations above, and like every artist thinks, there are elements I love in them and elements I'm not so excited about. I won't go into details on each; however, I may consider this idea for later reflections. Out of all the pieces I created this month, I want to highlight "King Henry VIII and His Peacock".


What I Learned & My Inspiration
I was not excited for the theme this week. But, what I learned helped me to expand in creativity. The content of my illustration is King Henry VIII finishing up a delicious meal of roasted Peacock. I had no idea people prepared peacock roasts. This was new information to me and it inspired a scene from history! I LOVE magical stories, so that's where the fairy comes in. I know they are protectors of creatures, and probably wouldn't eat peacock. Perhaps King Henry is magical and has enchanted the feather for the fairy queen!

What I Tried
On the technical side of things: Vermilion is the perfect red for skin tone, in my opinion. I used Holbein watercolor vermilion, (their blend of PO73, PR254, PY110). Bruce MacEvoy does an excellent job discussing paint pigments, if you are curious to know more without purchasing or borrowing a book.  This color has helped my king appear warm and happy, the exact look I was going for.

This is the first time I've illustrated brick work. I depended on Bob Davies to help me out with this one. Ultramarine (PB29 & 15) and Sienna (PBr7) are are perfect for brick/rocks. I'm really happy with how they turned out. I didn't want to detail out the entire wall, only suggest the material. I like to leave some room for the imagination to do some work.

My best friend gifted me a Zig Wink of Stella Brush by Kuretake (GL Silver 102). Note: this must be stored upright.  I used this for the dots on the fairy wings. The photo may not capture the sparkle as lovely as it is in person. I love this silver glittery ink and plan to incorporate it into more of my pieces. I also used gouache to fix the width of one of his arms. The size it was pre-fix, wasn't believable. I tidied up in GIMP.

Looking into March

I absolutely love detail work. It just makes the world I'm creating come to life that much more. I have some new ideas for the month of March. Themes for 52-Weeks of Illustration next month are: Baking, Weekend, Perspective, Happy Place, Cinema. My other ideas may be in-place-of, or in-addition-to these.

Before I close, I also want to mention that I had opened a DeviantArt account about a year ago. Well, this week, I started posting my work and learning the ropes of the platform two days before Wix.com aquired the DeviantArt company. I'm excited to learn the changes as they come.

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