What I Did To Overcome My Fear To Paint

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My artistic energy for the month of March was consistent with the energies of February, and then shifted the last weekend of the month. As a result, I created only 3 finished illustrations (minus sketches.)

Watercolor Paintings In March
Falconer With Owl Watercolor Illustration Whimsical Medieval Slavic Healer Watercolor Illustration Bunny Girl Watercolor Illustration

The watercolor painting I want to highlight this month is:

Elf Falconer and Her Owl Watercolor Illustration

Falconer With Owl Watercolor Illustration
As I knew would happen, it did. Because I'm creative, I can take off in a million directions from one idea. What does this mean for my art in March? I've twisted, sort of, the themes to suit my own creative interests (like medieval history, fantasy, the esoteric stuff weirdos love, etc.) But I won't get into that any deeper - it could turn into a freaking thesis paper.

So - ELF FALCONER AND HER OWL! How I love my owl. I had concerns. I had fear before painting her. I'd painted a couple birds before, and they didn't turn out the greatest. But then, I wasn't TRYING to achieve anything - just messin' around with the media. Here, I had expectations on my beautiful owl - and they solidified as I worked the entire painting before I even touched the owl. I'd grown to love my painting and "didn't want to mess it up". So what did I do to release the pressure?

I viewed a few other watercolor birds. I said "to heck with expectations. I'll make another if I screw it up!" I took out a scrap sheet of watercolor paper, threw down some water and pigment and liked it. So I just dove right into my beautiful painting. I did keep telling myself not to over-work her, though. I didn't want a bird that didn't make visual sense.

So - Voila! She was complete - the painting was complete. I feel successful in telling a visual story!

Looking ahead to April Illustration Themes:

I'm uncertain of the creative-energies outlook for my work. But a theme of "loviness" might work itself in somehow. I like to keep myself open for creative-freedoms. I'm very consistent in allowing myself to not be consistent! I'm almost certain a sense of mysticism will be involved.

At any rate, April themes on the regular list I use are: Surprise, Thread, Experiment, Long Haired Animal.

Somewhat more solid ideas are forming for a book I'd like to write and illustrate. However, I still would like to continue creating an illustration per week in addition to this book idea. If I become very involved in this book project, I may use graphite for the weekly illustrations. It's another favorite medium, and it's quicker than watercolor.

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