Legend: Julia Brown Voodoo Priestess Watercolor Illustration

Mysticism indeed! This is definitely an element in my art works and it's here to stay. I love everything to do with magic and discovery, even in seemingly dark areas of life.

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My artistic energy for the month of April resulted in 3 pieces, again.

Watercolor Paintings In April

Mercurian Horse and Medieval Rider Watercolor Illustration

Tweadling Underling Forest Elf Watercolor Illustration Painting Voodoo Julia Brown Priestess in the Bayou Watercolor Painting Illustration

The watercolor painting I want to highlight this month is:

Julia Brown Voodoo Priestess Watercolor Illustration

Voodoo Julia Brown Priestess in the Bayou Watercolor Painting Illustration

Dear sweet "Aunt Julia Brown" is what the locals called this Voodoo priestess down in Louisiana in the early 1900's. I was fascinated with this legend and it inspired this artistic representation. I haven't done extensive research into this story, but here's the gist.

Julia Brown was a voodoo healer in the deep in Manchac swamp. If someone needed immediate medical attention, it was a long wait for modern doctors to arrive, so many people went to "Aunt Julia Brown". As legend has it, she would give passersby the evil-eye. Today people have used this characteristic to pump up the spookiness of the legend. She and her sister were slaves. Her sister was sold at age 14 for 900-some dollars, and there is a receipt for this. I guess I would be inclined to give folks the evil eye as they passed my home too, if I was forced into any type of slavery.

At any rate, at the end of her life, before she died in 1915, passersby overheard her singing a song: "One day I'm gonna die, and I'm gonna take all of you with me." Another interpretation is: "When I die, I'll take the whole town with me". After she died, a hurricane swept across the town and left only 2 survivors. No one was able to have a regular grave-site. So now Manchac swamp is considered to be haunted as it is now a mass watery grave. Occasionally, locals say, bodies will float up to the surface. Today, a tourist can take a guided tour in the swamp. People seem to odd hear noises when they visit and there is an overall "spooky feel" to those who are sensitive to this phenomena.

Looking ahead to May Illustration Themes:

I have let my prompt sheet blow away in the wind, but not the goal to try to complete 52 illustrations this year. The 52-illo-group was a perfect springboard for my weekly artistic endeavors. But, I now release it, and fly on my own inspirations.

I've started a piece of writing to go with one of my illustrations, and I'm focusing on this ride of discovery (in addition to my 52 art pieces this year). It's writing I plan to have published, which is a journey in and of itself to come later. One step at a time!

I'm also concentrating on making a book. I'm currently working on the book-board covers, then I'll bind it up with the coptic stitch. I plan to use this book as a compendium of historical (and current) information and art that fascinates me.

My interests and hobbies are wild and many! Thanks for taking time to join me today.

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