DIY Book Boards, Watercolor Bunny-Witch, and Flowers

With all of the spring flowers blooming, and my gardening-thumb reborn, I've been struggling to stay indoors to make new art this month. :)

Greetings - Happy May!

My artistic energy for the month of May resulted in 3 finished pieces and a few sketches.

Multimedia and Watercolor Paintings In May

The watercolor painting I want to highlight this month is:

Candy Witch-Bunny

Candy Witch-Bunny Watercolor Illustration

I realize it isn't Halloween, but last October I created an inking of this candy-corn-making witch-bunny in her shop and wanted to see it come to life in color. (To my defense, there are other candies and baked items on the shelf - so it's not all Halloween-specific.)

When I looked at the colorless image, I knew right away that I wanted the shelf to be pink and the door & table brown. After I had those painted, I just let my intuition guide me for the rest of the color choices and hoped for the best. And of course I had to use pg50!, which is the center vase on the top shelf, thank you very much. The other greens in the piece are viridian-green, including the spider.

Getting a little deeper into the technical side of things: I used an alcohol marker (pale thistle) for the shadows to help create depth. I am considering using a very pale grey in the future, just to try explore, but I really have grown to love the blue-violet effects of the pale thistle.

For the tips of the flames, I used a red fine-liner. I used a pen nib with watercolor for the grains on the door, table, and the bunny's top-decoration. This was quite a bit easier than using a fine paint brush.

Last month I mentioned that I was putting together a book. Well I finished the book boards - this is how they turned out. I used tissue paper to get the texture and acrylic paint to get the color. I brushed gold on the raised texture for a little more protection. And my final layer was a thinned out coat of "Triple Thick", which is really for jewelry, but I want extreme water repellent in case I spill my tea on it! :) You will be able to see more detail of the boards when you click the image.

Looking ahead to June Illustrations:

Since I now fly on my own artistic inspirations, and the beautiful gardens summon me, I imagine there will be plenty of nature related art works. At least that's my inspiration today. But I will say that I do have a cute nature-y sketch drawn up for the first week of June. I'm looking forward to seeing it come to life.

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