Princess Bell and the Cockatiel Watercolor Inspiration

Happy June Folks!

My artistic energy for the month of June resulted in 4 finished watercolor pieces. As I expected last month, with the nice weather approaching, I created pieces having to do with nature.

Multimedia and Watercolor Paintings In June

Highlight: Princess Bell and the Cockatiel

After watching the 2014 French version of Beauty and the Beast (not animated), I was inspired to draw up my own version of Bell. I adored the gold thread embroidery on the (green) gown in the movie, so I used metallic ink to represent it here. She loved to garden in the French version also, and it was just packed with roses in most scenes. Cockatiels are native to Australia and not in the movie - so that's all me.

I really missed painting rock-work, so I drew Bell under this pretty arch in a castle courtyard. Although the dress I loved was green in the film, I didn't want to paint a green dress with the green grass as the background - I didn't want too much green, of course. Purple is color for royalty also. 

Looking ahead to artworks in July 

I've had some issues keeping track of my weekly number of illustrations but after looking at my log, I am one piece short of reaching the halfway point - 25 pieces out of 52. The ultimate goal is to create 52 pieces of art during this year. I can remedy being short one piece easily.

I am having so much fun watching my own skills grow thus far. My skills aren't the only growth taking place either. I am getting in touch with the details of my inspiration. When people have asked me to draw something in the past, I felt pressure instead of joy. I want creating to be my freedom, not my prison. I'm discovering new details concerning inspiration as I create each new piece. My limitations of thought are revealed, which result in spiritual growth. I like to break through limiting ideas. And I like growing spiritually. It's quite an adventure.

I'm getting the nerve up to start rendering my drawings with gouache, more gouache than watercolor. I'll have to see what the moment feels like when I fill my water-bowl and pull out my brushes. At this point, I have no direction. This is a typical Tawnya-the-artist thought! Freedom. I need it.

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