Vianne and Pantoufle Chocolat Watercolor Illustration

So, now I'm quite past 26 weeks of illustrations. I have 22 weeks to go.  For the month of July I created a series of characters and used a new technique- as demonstrated in "Vianne and Pantoufle" below - characters from the story Chocolat. (Apparently in the book, which I never read, Anouk's friend was a rabbit. In the movie it was a kangaroo.)

On this illustration, I first drew it on the watercolor paper, then shaded quite a bit with graphite. This allowed me to work a little more quickly than I had been. I still used watercolor and copic markers the same as I have been. I really liked the technique and I will continue this in the future.

Vianne and Pantoufle watercolor illustration from Chocolat
Vianne Rocher & Pantoufle
I'm a day late on writing this up, as I have been adding more events in my schedule. I'm trying to keep all my goals simple.  Here's a great article on how to keep it simple by Leo Babauta.

I've also been more active with uploads to my online profile and on, as it's proven fruitful for new opportunities. I've befriended another fantastic whimsical artist, Tana Siy Chuk, and enjoy her designs also.

I post many pieces as I complete them on social media: Facebook and DeviantArt.

I like to take photos of scenes and nature as a reference and inspiration for my illustrations. You can see many of them on my photoblog.

More about me here.

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